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Garden maintenance

We work in residential gardens in West Asheville, ​saving your time so you can relax and smell the ​flowers.

We love plants and the vitality they bring. We ​know that helping create an enjoyable space with ​plants can be incredibly meaningful. Having a ​garden that is well cared can be both joyful and ​relaxing.

We believe that supporting biodiversity in plants ​is essential to resilience in the greater ecosystem.

We are gardeners specializing in the long term ​care of plants. We maintain beautiful gardens ​throughout the seasons as they grow and change.


Flower Garden


Hand weeding keeps beds looking beautiful and plants healthy.

Illustration of a Tree


Care of shrubs and small trees with a focus on the health of the plant.



Get that "The gardener ​was just here" look. We​ take care of the​ details. ​

Enjoy your Garden!

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About US

Geneva Bierce-Wilson and ​Egan Bierce-Wilson

We are siblings that grew up in Asheville. We love ​plants, being outside and working together.

Both sides of our family are full of gardeners. Our ​Grandpa George worked as a professional ​gardener until his 80th birthday! We are ​continuing that tradition in our own ​neighborhood.

Commercial Clients

We help West Asheville business store fronts attract customers. We provide maintenance for ​plant beds and planters alike. We know that looking good all year is important. We bring the ​enthusiasm when your to do list is feeling too long.